hashing std::pair and std::tuple

Lately I have been refactoring some old code & found it littered with all sorts of things. This particular code had a custom hash-table for hashing based off 3 values instead of 1. std::tuple are the best fit, or probably providing a custom struct with std::hash specialization would have served as well. What std library provides is std::hash for basic types, reference here. There is nothing for composite types. Even for std::pair.

Providing a std::hash for both std::pair and std::tuple is what I want to address with this post.

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debugging library load issues on windows

gflags is quite a versatile tool for debugging all low level things. I have been using it in particular to debug heap and library load issues.

one can launch the gui, however i have preferred cmd line usage more often.

to enable library load debugging:

gflags -i <your-app.exe> +sls

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