gpg signing github commits

With git it is easy to overwrite someone as author or commit as someone else. Then how do you know it was someone who committed the changes? That’s where the gpg signing comes into picture.

this is my first gpg signed post

One thing to note is that once you have generated gpg keys from git bash then you can’t use them from windows command prompt. I found it rather handy to install gnugpg and then generating keys with gpg. One thing i had to setup explicitly is to tell git where to find gpg so it asks me passcode . Anyway the command is:

git config --global gpg.program "C:\GnuPG\bin\gpg.exe"

A few links of interest around this topic:

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  3. A git horror story: Repository Integrity With Signed Commits

Anyway the most interesting is this:

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Tweaking Hugo Summary

One of the things I find quite annoying with hugo is it auto summary feature. While it is quite handy to limit content on main page as it is- but it’s default limit of 70 characters adds more to improvement.

To top that it messes up all the formatting:

One of the work arounds I have found is to use <!-- more -->, content summaries, to control what sort of summary will be generated, but it still the same that you have in page.

Often I would like to have a short note for the content, which is not part of the content itself. Something like this:

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