Mac OS X power usage management

Mac OS X may not give a fancy way, read UI, to control various power management options, but underneath unix power-house allows you to control every bit of it. The command we are talking about is pmset

To set power saver mode execute this command:

pmset -b 1 #when running on batteries<br /> pmset -c 1 #when running connected to power-source

The format of command is:
pmset -b modenum<br /> where modenum value is:<br /> 1 - Better Energy Savings<br /> 2 - Normal<br /> 3 - Better Performance<br /> -1- Custom

Here are few more usage examples from man-pages:

This command sets displaysleep to a 5 minute timer on battery power, 
leaving other settings on battery power and other power sources unperturbed

     pmset -b displaysleep 5

Sets displaysleep to 10, disksleep to 10, system sleep to 30, and turns on 
WakeOnMagicPacket for ALL power sources (AC, Battery, and UPS) as appropriate

     pmset -a displaysleep 10 disksleep 10 sleep 30 womp 1

Restores the system's energy settings to their default values.
For a system with an attached and supported UPS, this instructs the system
to perform an emergency shutdown when UPS battery drains to below 40%.

     pmset -u haltlevel 40

Schedules the system to automatically wake from sleep on July 4, 2009, at 8PM.

     pmset schedule wake "07/04/09 20:00:00"

Schedules a repeating shutdown to occur each day, 
Tuesday through Saturday, at 11AM.

     pmset repeat shutdown TWRFS 11:00:00

Prints the power management settings in use by the system.

     pmset -g

Prints a snapshot of battery/power source state at the moment.

     pmset -g batt