speed up your blog

Lately I have observed that my blog takes lot longer to load. So I set out to fix it and luckily found tons of good information. Several page load performance checkers are available and they give very nice information about your page load. I used Pingdom but you can try others as well.

Speed Checkers:

Most common reason for slow load is either lot of data is transferred or your server is really slow to respond. After profiling I came to know with each visit my page loaded ~750KB of data and ~550KB was JS. After removing some of the un-neccessary plug-ins and caching (server and client) I could reduce the data transmitted to ~300KB, that did the trick for faster loading.

Reasons for slowness:

  • Not using browser cache
  • Too much code (js/css) downloaded
  • Latency
  • Not using compression
  • Images are not scaled
  • Bad requests (or non-existent assets referred)

Here is the jist:

  • Remove un-necessary plug-ins, yes they do slow down your site a lot
  • Cache pages, WordPress have several plug-in available for this
  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network), if feasible for reduced latency
  • Use scaled images in your post
  • Prefer jpg/png
  • Enable compression, lot of browser support compressed page transfer, these days and it is in your best interest as it reduces bandwidth consumption
  • Minify, WordPress plug-ins available, CSS and JS. Basically try to remove un-needed stuff from your CSS and JS.
  • Try to include most of your javascripts at the bottom of your page rather than in header for better page load performance