pwsh and openssh on windows


to install powershell either download the zip/msi from github page or you can install thru chocolatey. But I preferred going with msi file for now.

The claim is that you can run powershell core side-by-side, which is not a requirement for me- but wanted to move over to it for some time now.

Anyway, I installed this in C:\PowerShell\6.0.1 directory & added it to Path environment variable on the machine- so is accessible to all uesrs.

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git diff

By default git usually launches vimdiff for diffs and merges, but I would rather prefer kdiff3 gui for merges/diffs. Here are some of my notes about how to set it up.

For a detailed list of options that git diff supports visit this link

git supports various tools for merge and diff, here is a partial list: - kdiff3 & documentation - tkdiff - meld - vimdiff - gvimdiff

You can setup kdiff3 by default as diff tool by executing follow command:

git config --global diff.tool kdiff3

for other tools see here: Viewing all git diffs with vimdiff

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