Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Apple has a page listing dozens of standard keyboard shortcuts you can use at start-up, with the Finder, and with many applications. If you’re a keyboard person, rather than a mouse person, you may find some shortcuts here that you didn’t know. At a minimum, it’s worth bookmarking this page to have a list of […]

Lion’s Resume feature

Amongst various features of Mac OS X Lion the one that I find very helpful is Resume feature. It’s hibernate on steriods. Along with OS it will cache the state of your applications as well. On next reboot you will be welcomed back as if you never shut down you Mac! Resume is the default […]

Holey Optochip First to Transfer One Trillion Bits of Information per Second Using the Power of Light

IBM scientists reported on a prototype optical chipset, dubbed “Holey Optochip”, that is the first parallel optical transceiver to transfer one trillion bits – one terabit – of information per second, the equivalent of downloading 500 high definition movies. The report was presented at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference in Los Angeles. With the ability to move […]

The Heterogeneous Programming Jungle

Very informative article about Heterogeneous Programming by Michael Wolfe, Compiler Engineer, The Portland Group, Inc. The heterogeneous systems of interest to HPC use an attached coprocessor or accelerator that is optimized for certain types of computation. These devices typically exhibit internal parallelism, and execute asynchronously and concurrently with the host processor. Programming a heterogeneous system is […]