OS X history and overview

I was browsing through the osxbook.com website maintained by Amit Singh, he also happens to be the author of excellent book: Mac OS X Internals. Along with his book he has included some bonus material on his website. Here is the presentation (flash) with his book: [swfobj src=”http://osxbook.com/book/bonus/misc/osxinternals/osxinternals.swf” width=”800″ height=”600″ align=”center” allowfullscreen=”true”]http://osxbook.com/[/swfobj] You may also want […]

formal grammar

found an excellent introduction to grammars here: I ran across the Wikipedia article on this subject today. While I found it fascinating and enthralling, it also took me about half an hour to properly decode the notation being used, so here I have interpreted it for the layman. What is a formal grammar? Symbols Begin […]

wireless network hardware

Lifehacker has posted an excellent series of tutorials on setting up and trouble shooting your home wireless network hardware. Here are the five tutorials:   Lesson 1: Router Hardware Router Basics Your router is the glue that holds your home network together. It connects all your computers to one another, either through Ethernet cables or […]

Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software

by Richard Stallman When we call software “free,” we mean that it respects the users’ essential freedoms: the freedom to run it, to study and change it, and to redistribute copies with or without changes. This is a matter of freedom, not price, so think of “free speech,” not “free beer.” These freedoms are vitally important. They […]