What Is a Solid State Drive?

This might be hard to believe but Solid State Drives are actually fairly old technology. Solid State Drives have been around for decades in various forms, the earliest were RAM-based and were so cost prohibitive as to only make appearances in ultra high-end and super computers. In the 1990s Flash-based SSDs made an appearance but […]

Qt Quick 1 of n

This is first of the n post on Qt Quick.Qt is a great C++ framework that spans Platforms( Windows, OS X, Linux, …), UI, XML, Web, and lot more please feel free to visit http://qt.nokia.com/products/ for further exploration. One of the coolest things about Qt is the introduction of new declarative language QML. QML is […]

Capture Screen Shot on Mac

To capture a screen shot on Mac: Capture by region selection: – press command + shift + 4 – you will see the mouse cursor change to cross-hairs – define the area, by dragging mouse while your left mouse button is pressed – release the mouse button to capture and save the image on desktop […]

Home, End & Backspace keys and more on Mac Book Pro

I have purchased a Mac Book Pro, MBP henceforth, and I am pretty pleased with the system and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.6) However within few days I have started missing Home, End and Backspace keys. Apple & Macbook Pro Keyboard for reference:   Few key symbols from & related to MBP keyboard: Trying […]