Last time I coded peinfo, https://github.com/angeleno/peinfo to get information from a PE file. It listed the guid for pdb file generated alongwith. This is helpful as it is, but at times you have pdb file and want to query it’s guid.

I did not find anything handy for it, thus ended up coding one myself. Here the Debug Interface Access SDK is of great help.

The idea is pretty simple and straight foward:

  1. Load PDB as DataSource, IDiaDataSource::LoadDataFromPdb (Line#72)
  2. Open Session, IDiaDataSource::openSession (Line#76)
  3. Get GlobalScope, IDiaSession::get_global_scope (Line#80)
  4. Get GUID, IDiaSymbol::get_guid (Line#84)

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adding cmd in visual studio

One of the handy commands with VS IDE is to launch cmd, it was provided by default earlier but lately i have been missing it with VS 2015 & onwards.

While poking around i found that you could launch cmd as external tool:

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github multiple accounts setup notes

key generation and registration

The way github identifies you is thru your ssh keys (public keys need to be registered at github & private keys live on your machine). The way to generate keys is to find ssh-keygen, it comes handy with git bash

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